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Click the image below for flag rules or click on the button for the NFL Agreement

BHJFL spring NFL flag season


BHJFL Goal- to give children the chance to Experience playing football in a fun and safe format. We are hoping to get players that haven’t played or players that are not currently in a spring sport. We want to maximize playing time for all players. Our ultimate goal is the kids having Fun, building skills and learning sportsmanship by experiencing playing football


1. Team make up

     A. Teams will be created based on current BHJFL school guidelines and team affiliations

     B. There will be three age groups:

             K through 2nd grade - current grade in school

             3rd and 4th grade- current grade in school

             5th and 6th grade- current grade in school

             7th and 8th grade- current grade in school

             High School - currently in school

      C. The league will try and keep teams as close to 10 players as possible. To maximize as much play time as possible for all players.

      D. All teams are coed


2. Weight limits

      A. No weight limits, all players are eligible run or receive the ball


3. Season dates

      A. Signups – the month of March.  Money due at time of registration. Players and cheerleaders will not be added to roster until payment is made. 

      B. Practice starts week of April 2nd -  first week 2 practices and a game after that 1 practice and 1 game per week.

      C. Games on Friday with tournament on Saturday at the end of the season.


4. Cost

      A. $75 dollars per player, each player will receive a NFL reversible Jersey and a set of flags for them to keep.

      B. Payment must be made at registration, online only


5. Rules – we will follow NFL flag rules (see attached document)


6. Coaching-

       A. All coaches must certify NFL flag heads up. It is free and any coach certifying flag will also be allowed to certify for free for tackle.

       B. Teams will be assigned per current coaching of our teams in BHJFL and if needed the league will assign coaches to teams for this               season.


7. Practice and playing fields

       A. Practice fields will be assigned to teams by league, largely based on current practice field locations and available facilities.                             Our goal is to have kids practicing and playing where they would in the fall. Not all practice fields would be lined.

       B. Playing Fields – currently we believe that all games would be played at chinook middle school and we would line 3 fields.

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