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Junior Division Champions & Head Coach

2019 Storm (George Hunkin) Defeated Warriors

2018 Warriors (Ruben Ramirez) Defeated Storm

2017 Warriors (Ruben Ramirez) Defeated Lions

2016 Knights (Darrell Smith) Defeated Storm

2015 Warriors (Ruben Ramirez) Defeated Wolfpack

2014 Storm (Thomas Foster) Defeated Warriors

2013 Wolfpack (Tom Roach) Defeated Storm

2012 Wolfpack (Tom Roach) Defeated Knights

2011 Lions (Phillip Crump) Defeated Wolfpack

2010 Wolfpack (Tom Roach) Defeated Storm

2009 Cyclones (Mike Westfall) Defeated Storm

2008 Warriors (Charles Farrar) Defeated Lions

2007 Storm (Rikki Reid) Defeated Warriors

2006 Wolfpack (Orlando Johnson) Defeated Storm

2005 Panthers (Ron King) Defeated Storm

2004 Storm (Lui Tangaro Jr.) Defeated Warriors

2003 Warriors (Charles Farrar) Defeated Storm 
2002 Lions (Kevin Capps) Defeated Warriors 
2001 Wolfpack (Larry Meeks) Defeated Warriors
2000 Lions  8th (Kevin Capps) Defeated Wolfpack

1999 Panthers 7th (Anthony Blackwell) Defeated T-Birds 
1999 Rams 8th (Mike Meckes) Defeated T-Birds 
1998 T-Birds 8th (Earl Davis) Defeated Hurricanes

1998 Totems 7th (Mark Scheuffele) Defeated Wolfpack  
1997 Wolfpack 8th (Randy Oliveria) Defeated Warriors

1997 Chiefs(Knights) 7th (Gene Duprey) Defeated Vikings(Panthers) 

1996 Chiefs(Knights) 8th (Gene Duprey) Defeated Wolfpack

1996 Wolfpack 7th (Randy Oliveria) Defeated Warriors  
1995 Vikings(Panthers) 8th (Emory Peterson) Defeated Totems(Storm)

1995 Totems(Storm) 7th (Mark Scheuffele) Defeated Chiefs(Knights)
1994 Totems(Storm) (Denny Chase) Defeated Warriors 

Youth Division Champions & Head Coach

2019 Hurricanes (Joe Aguon) Defeated Raiders

2018 Hurricanes (Joe Aguon) Defeated Tigers

2017 Tigers (Dylan Westbrooks) Defeated Hurricanes

2016 Raiders (Chad Simmons) Defeated Tigers

2015 Raiders (Chad Simmons) Defeated Tigers

2014 Bulldogs (Josh Callahan) Defeated Hurricanes

2013 Bulldogs (Jason Hindberg) Defeated Crusaders

2012 Bulldogs (Josh Callahan) Defeated Lightning

2011 Hurricanes (Uati Pati) Defeated Lightning

2010 Bulldogs (John Rohr) Defeated Hurricanes

2009 Tigers (Phillip Crump) Defeated Crusaders

2008 Bulldogs (Josh Callahan) Defeated Lightning

2007 Bulldogs (Josh Callahan) Defeated Lightning

2006 Tigers (Derwin Pasley) Defeated Wildcats

2005 Hurricanes (Orlando Johnson) Defeated Ravens (Raiders)

2004 Hurricanes (Orlando Johnson) Defeated Ravens (Raiders)

2003 Wildcats (Lui Tangaro Jr.) Defeated Hurricanes
2002 Crusaders (Shane Pagel) Defeated Bulldogs
2001 Crusaders (Shane Pagel) Defeated Tigers

Bantam Division Champions & Head Coach

2019 Vikings (Chris Pontius) Defeated Cougars

2018 Tornados (Adam Alfau) Defeated Vikings

2017 Bobcats (Jaread Smith) Defeated Cougars

2016 Tornados (Adam Alfau) Defeated Vikings

2015 Cougars (Jeremy Nelson) Defeated Tornados

2014 Cougars (Doug Briggs Jr) Defeated Tornados

2013 Huskies (Josh Callahan) Defeated Tornados

2012 Lancers (Vincent Williams) Defeated Vikings

2011 Vikings (Jason Hindberg) Defeated Huskies

2010 Vikings (Jason Hindberg) Defeated Tornados

2009 Thunder (Jeff Robertson) Defeated Tornados

2008 Falcons (Sean Mazur) Defeated Thunder

2007 Lancers (Wayne Dixon) Defeated Falcons

2006 Huskies (Josh Callahan) Defeated Tornados

2005 Tornados (Marcos Gutierrez) Defeated Huskies

2004 Cougars (Phillip Crump) Defeated Tornados

Flag Division Champions & Head Coach

2019 Twisters (Tasha Landram) Defeated Coyotes

2018 Twisters (Nino Gray) Defeated Kings

2017 Barbarians (Brandon Stephens) Defeated Twisters

2016 Bengals (Antonio Ridley) Defeated Barbarians

2015 Bengals (Marcus Wittaker) Defeated Twisters



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