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Jack Duprey  June 11, 1938  -  July 20,1995
"If you want to hoot with the Owl you better be able to soar with the Eagle".

This was a saying Jack would use with his sons. This is how Jack coached his players. This is how Jack lived his life.  You can have fun, but be ready to work hard to soar to the top.  Jack was a high school All-American football payer from Wisconsin. Jack turned down scholarships to play college football opting to enter the Army. Jack retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 after serving 26 years. Jack severed two tours of duty in Vietnam. His actions during the Vietnam War earned him several medals, including two Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars, one Bronze Star, and two Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry one with Bronze Star and one with Palm. After retiring Jack served his community by working as a Lacey Police Reserve Officer, Tenino Police Officer, and Thurston County Sheriff Deputy. Jack coached football for over ten years touching the lives of not only players but coaches he worked with. Jack was a mentor, friend, and is a role model for those that knew and miss him.

Jack DuPrey Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Junior Division Award & Head Coach

2019 Warriors, Ruben Ramirez

2018 Knights, Darrell Smith

2017 Panthers, Sean Kinder

2016 Warriors, Ruben Ramirez

2015 Broncos, James Chaidez

2014 Lions, Phillip Crump

2013 Warriors, Ruben Ramirez

2012 Broncos, Toby Cordova

2011 Storm, Trevor Colglazier

2010 Broncos, Anton Engelmann

2009 Warriors, Charles Farrar

2008 Wolfpack, Tom Roach

2007 Cyclones,  Ken Martinez

2006 Lions, Greg Elwin

2005 Warriors, Charles Farrar (Tie)

2005 Storm, Lui Tangaro Jr. (Tie)

2004 Storm, Lui Tangaro Jr.

2003 Wolfpack, Tom Roach
2002 Panthers, Ron King
2001 Lions, Kevin Capps
2000 Knights, Mark Rosenblum
1999 Warriors, Charles Farrar
1998 Wolfpac, John Sanders
1997 Vikings(Panthers), Emory Peterson
1996 Lions, Randy Worrell
1995 Chiefs(Knights), Gene Duprey

Youth Division Award & Head Coach

2019 Spartans, Hank Moreno

2018 Raiders, Tommy Adger

2017 Mustangs, Louis Walker

2016 Tigers, Jamar Forks

2015 Wildcats, Mike McClure

2014 Raiders, Rob Hicks

2013 Raiders, Rob Hicks

2012 Wildcats, Jeremy Loveshe

2011 Crusaders, Darrell Smith

2010 Mustangs, Eric Frye

2009 Hurricanes, Brandon Stephens

2008 Raiders, Ruben Ramirez

2007 Wildcats, Shane Sullivan

2006 Hurricanes, Ikiaka Belisario

2005 Wildcats, Shane Sullivan

2004 Ravens, Joe Sandas

2003 Bulldogs, Randy Worrell
2002 Wildcats, Lui Tangaro Jr.
2001 Ravens, Tracey Farmer

Bantam Division Award & Head Coach

2019 Huskies, Don Orton

2018 Vikings, Chris Pontius

2017 Huskies, Mark Barber

2016 Tornados, Adam Alfau

2015 Huskies, Ron King

2014 Lancers, Tony Knox

2013 Cougars, Doug Briggs Jr.

2012 Thunder, Eric Smith

2011 Vikings, Jason Hindberg

2010 Bobcats, Doug Briggs Jr.

2009 Thunder, Jeff Robertson

2008 Cougars, Phillip Crump

2007 Tornados, Patrick Grimes

2006 Bobcats, Maurice Hooper

2005 Huskies, Josh Callahan

2004 Cougars, Phillip Crump

Flag Division Award & Head Coach

2019 Jaguars, Sean Kinder

2018 Centurions, Joey Ates

2017 Ponies, Greg Williams

2016 Barbarians, Christopher Pontius

2015 Barbarians, Christopher Pontius



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